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MONK- my independent musician of the Week February 22, 2007

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So… one of my great, great passions is creating opportunities for other artists I strongly believe in.. the film I am producing has been based on that mission (which also could be a large part of why it is not fully funded yet… but that’s another story) and one of the things I am proudest about with regards to my video podcast is that I am providing another outlet for independent musicians to get their work heard.

Just as I feature these artists in my vodcast and website, I will feature them here as well on a weekly basis…….

So this weeks artist of the week is Monk, and Austrian group that classifies themselves as “alternative, electronica, pop”… I love their sound… you can find them at www.monk.com and buy their single “Souvenir” on iTunes…. hope you love em as much as I do!

Jeux de Nuit
from “Jeux de Nuit”
by Monk
sevenahalf records

More On This Album


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