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Do you play life safe, or are you a risk taker? February 24, 2007

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“We all know to be successful in life and career risks must be taken. We must be willing to get out of our comfort zones and into the realms of the unknown…” or so says Jim Morrison in his blog leadership generation
But do you agree? What life choices do you make? Would you rather just play life safe, or are you a risk taker? We want to know… www.ifnotnow.net


3 Responses to “Do you play life safe, or are you a risk taker?”

  1. jimmorris Says:

    Interesting response from those who were questioned. As you mentioned in the video I’m sure most of the people who responded that they play it safe are actual risk takers and don’t even know it.

    Whatever the case I’m so thankful you guys used my question and hope through it more people can evaluate their lives and become risk takers. If not now…when?

  2. kveljones Says:

    I don’t know Jim… I am more apt to think people said they were ambitious in our previous video, really play it safe…. I think fear is a pervasive force that permeates so many of our societies ills… i believe these people when they say they play it safe… i think they haven’t tackled the fears that might allow them (and me) to take life changing risks!!!

  3. I completely agree with you. Some people, to our eyes, might seem like they are risk takers, but they might not be confronting their own fears. Taking risks is leaping over the walls that hide us from the things of which we are afraid. We all have different fears — therefore take different risks.

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