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Do I play life safe, or am I a risk taker? February 25, 2007

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So.. my answer to this weeks’ question of the week, (see previous post) ahh.. I take huge risks… but not big enough.. yes my vodcast is exciting and I believe in it and I know it is paving the way to the rest of my life…. but I am an actor… i am an actor who has a phenomenal screenplay that is partially funded… key word partially… I am seemingly paralyzed by my inability to continue to move forward and raise the rest of the funds for my film.. a film which is by definition a huge risk….and yet the risk I KNOW I AM MEANT TO TAKE… and really… I have no doubts about the possibilities of this project… that it can have a huge impact, that it can alter lives, that it can make money for all of its investors and pave the way for the rest of my future and my creative ventures… but to go to people and actually come out and say.. Hi… I am Kathryn and I am worth your 10,000 or 50,000 or 100,000 investment… that is a risk it seems I dare not take… And what am I risking? I’ve got nothing to lose and the world to gain… I guess I am risking facing the fact that I have to do it all myself… no one is ever going to step in and make my dreams come true.. only me… a world without a fairy godmother….


2 Responses to “Do I play life safe, or am I a risk taker?”

  1. jimmorris Says:

    I just want to encourage you to continue the pursuit of your film. Anytime anyone feels such a project would have a huge impact and alter lives for the good, it’s a project that should be chased. If you sincerely think it will make an impact on the lives of others then I encourage you to see the project through the eyes of those it will impact. Through our own eyes, it’s impossible to ask for investors but through the eyes of thousands of people who will have a life changing experience it becomes possible.
    As you said, YOU have nothing to lose however your risk could become the reward for thousands of people. Rewards do not come without risks. Forge on, you’ll never know unless you ask. You’ll never forgive yourself unless you try!

  2. Feebalmek Says:

    Waow loved reading this post. I added your feed to my google reader!

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