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Viral, Veoh, Podcasting, and why I am such a fan March 6, 2007

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us on veoh

Nick and I are featured on Veoh’s show Viral this week… which isn’t just a wonderful thing… to me its an important thing… which has nothing to do with gaining exposure.

I am an actor and for so many years I lived completely in the world of auditioning… of waiting for someone else to tell me I was worth it… waiting for a nameless (and questionable?) panel behind a long folding table in a huge mirrored audition room to make my dreams come true.

Now, I know a ton of amazing people who are actors… but this atmosphere also seemed to breed a certain sense of “THERE IS NOT ENOUGH”, which can’t help but breed a sense of “IF I HELP YOU I RISK HURTING ME”… how else could one think when thousand and thousands of us are courting a miniscule amount of people who hold court over an equally minuscule amount of jobs.

This spilled over into our creative worlds as well. I have been ruminating on Chris Brogan’s blog for weeks now… about the boundless possibilities that are available to you when you work as a focused, passionate team… some tasks may be impossible for one person to complete… but working together boundlessly extends your capabilities. I tried creating these teams for years over projects like theater companies, and productions and films….projects that one would imagine would excite and ignite actors who say they want nothing more than to work in the field they love so much…. Yet so many times those projects failed.. with one person handling most of the work and the rest of us calling them and telling us how inspired we are by them (and then not following through on anything we promised to do)… could that silent whisper of “if I help anyone else I may be hurting myself” have seeped in… or perhaps “this project is only valuable if someone whom I deem to be more important then me chooses me to be in it”….

Podcasting is however an entirely different story….this is a world of self-starters… people who green-light themselves because they inherently believe that they have something valuable to say… which seems to have created the opposite of what I might call “the there is not enough” syndrome. Podcasters seem to inherently recognize that our audience is infinite and there is not really such a thing as competition. Podcasters passionately and actively support one another.

And this is why being featured on Viral a show that highlights creators of internet television series, is so important to me….. In the opening segment of “Viral’s” first season, a voice over from the host, Sunny Gault, says

“This is a new idea and we have to give them every chance to succeed”

and so she does……. Sunny travels the country profiling shows like mine… little shows and big ones… all because she is passionate about giving other artists their chance to succeed.

Thanks so much Sunny, and your wonderful partner Josh… I am honored to be a part of “Viral”…

Viral, Episode 12

I have to note that this philosophy seems to permeate the whole Veoh network….. my videoblog is on Veoh because Sarah in development sought me out and then did everything she could to help me get recognition on their site including putting on in the spotlight and featuring our work…. how could I not feel loyal to this company!

One last little caveat… Network2 is a similarly community supporting site, and I owe almost every wonderful friend I have in the podcasting community to Chris, Jeff and their incredibly generous podcaster network parties….


2 Responses to “Viral, Veoh, Podcasting, and why I am such a fan”

  1. I loved seeing your coverage on Viral this week, and was so happy to see some of New York’s finest community storytellers featured by the swell team at Veoh.

    You and Nick bring so much enthusiasm to this space, and I’m really glad to know you. See you at PodCamp New York!

  2. Viral Says:

    Kathryn and Nick…

    We just love you guys! Thanks so much for blogging about your experience with Viral. Please keep us updated on what’s new with you guys!

    We’re definitely hanging out next time we travel to NYC!

    Sunny 😉

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