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Artist of the Week: Hilary Price March 7, 2007

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I have a new obsession…… and you know me…. it can’t be simple…. there’s got to be some kind of deep emotional meaning to my obsession….what is this new fixation of mine…. a preoccupation that keeps my macbook pro steaming along at a scorching 98 degrees and my husband alone late at night in our bed…


ok.. I know… you probably already know all about Etsy….. but you must forgive me cuz I am sooo smitten…

it aint the fact that you can find gorgeous, creative, incredibly unique items there at wonderful prices, it aint the fact that sporting my new ETSY jewelry, bags etc I might just feel like the hippest gal around…it’s that this site does what I want to do most in the world.. it empowers artists.

Etsy is built by artists, for artists. Their goal is to earn a living from the art they create, and to support other artists….

Make a living with your art! Support other artists! And build an amazing site with an unbelievable user interface and a strong sense of community all at the same time…. It’s my dream production company in retail form…..

In the future I am going to wear my Etsy purchases on my videoblog, feature the artists work, link to their Etsy page, and feature the artist’s own answer to the “Question of the Week” as well. I already have my first Etsy artist lined up…. but we won’t be taping that episode for another few weeks.

In the meanwhile… one of my favorite Etsy purchases has been this stunning wallet by Hilary Price.

Now I was fond of my 5 year old J Crew wallet as well… but there is something about holding this wallet in my hand… the color, the workmanship, but most importantly that it is made by hand, and obviously with great care and a passion for Hilary’s own unique creative vision… that makes this wallet feel really really special….

Hilary has a bunch of equally beautiful wallets on her etsy site… I hope you will stop by and support a working artist!


One Response to “Artist of the Week: Hilary Price”

  1. Jen Says:

    This is a great wallet – just beautiful! Thanks for showing it to us and for supporting Etsy and its creative community!

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