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Have I ever stolen anything… petty theft=rage? March 13, 2007

My answer to this week’s Question of the week, (see previous entry)… yes.. when I was in college I stole a pair of bowling shoes… I did it cuz it made me feel cool and hip and like I belonged…. but mostly it made me feel like shit and that I had compromised my integrity, and those shoes remained at the back of my closet, reminding me of how low I could stoop in search of other people’s approval, for years to come.

I have to say that yes, this weeks episode is fun, and funny, and people’s answers were really surprising… but mostly I found it kind of sad…..almost everyone stole small things when they were kids… and almost everyone felt horrible about it… what does that imply to me…. that even though they were kids they knew stealing was wrong, but stole anyway…. why… well I’ll tell you why I think… i thing all of these small children were enraged…about what I couldn’t tell you….the options are endless… but I think they were so angry that their tiny minds were desperate for some kind of outlet to express their feelings… and being children… they stole.

I have a friend who is now in her 70’s… she had a terrible childhood and a ton of reasons to be enraged with her incompetent parents…. she too stole as a child… and now, in retirement, she was just caught and prosecuted for shoplifting (a pack of gum for ****’s sake)… a horrible position for a woman in her 70’s, with a family and a reputation, to endure. It soon came to light that this was not an isolated incident but a pattern that went back years and years and years. And why was she always taking items that didn’t belong to her and that she didn’t really need… rage…… rage that she has not gotten what she needed and deserved out of life… not the love not the opportunity not the attention….she is so full of rage that she has decided to sneak what she believes is rightfully hers……

How different is she than all of us in this week’s vodcast?


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