If not now… when?

Because we were born to realize our dreams…

Starfighter- The Shovels- indie artists of the week! March 15, 2007

Starfighter is a now defunct band from belgium…

Defunct!!! I know… I’ll get to that…

Nick and I were dying to find an episode to use “Beautiful Machine” in… and we finally found it! You can check out the single here……

Beautiful Machine
from “Beautiful Machine”
by Starfighter
Kinky Star Records

If you love their sound as much as we do you can find all their singles on itunes.. and lead singer Tim Brown’s far from defunct new band, The Shovels’ new funky fabulous album “Time Machine” on iTunes too…

Time Machine

from “Time Machine”
by The Shovels
Kinky Star Records

You can Starfighter and The Shovels yourself to fabulous death!!!!


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