If not now… when?

Because we were born to realize our dreams…

If you had the unconditional support of everyone around you… April 30, 2007

what would yo be doing with your life?

Unconditional support…. does that mean financial, emotional, material? Its up to you…. but if you had it… what would you be doing with your life? We want to know…

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Brother Love- my indie musician of the week! April 28, 2007

A leader in the podsafe music movement not only is Brother Love a loverly guy (met him at podcamp nyc) his music is awesome…. a pop/rock blend that has been compared to both Led Zeppelin and… Frank Sinatra.. I can’t get his “Summertime” out of my head!

brother love

you can find links to Brother Love and his single “summertime” by clicking the pic above, or hear it on this week’s episode of ? of the week… “What is Your greatest athletic acheivement?”


Are artists afraid of Success?- or why I have no artist of the week April 24, 2007

Two episodes ago I began a new segment on Question of the Week ….wanting to celebrate the vision and courage of other artists who are committed to make a living doing what they love most I have begun featuring the work of an etsy artist every week and asking the artist to participate by answering the weekly question…

In the case of an artist who makes wearable art (jewlery,clothing).. I buy the item and wear it on my show (I neither ask for or want anything for free… my goal is to support artists and that means finacially too) … and I know I have increased traffic to these artists web sites cuz I can track clicks from my sites

So.. I am offering FREE publicity on a show the artists can be proud of.. guaranteeing that at least thousands of people will be exposed to their work, as well as “artist of the week” status on both ifnotnow.net and this blog…..

These artists have nothing to lose and everything to gain…

and yet… we have no “artist of the week” in last weeks show.. why? I contacted TWO, count them TWO different etsy artists (a jewlery designer whose work I have bought and wore in last weeks episode and also a photographer) and neither even bothered to return any of my emails.

Why do you think these artist turned down the opportunity for greater exposure?

My theory… our greatest fear is our own success

What’s yours?


What is your greatest athletic achievement? April 23, 2007

“if you can dodge a wrench you can dodge a ball”… Patches O’Houlihan, “Dodgeball- A true underdog Story” What does dodgeball have to do with your greatest athletic achievement? The answer will surprise you… in fact, the whole episode might surprise you…..

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Really…. this episode totally surprised me…. there is a running theme through everyone’s answers that I thought was ultimately pretty sad… what do you think?


Guards of Metropolis- indie musicians of the Week! April 21, 2007

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“Scandinavian pop rock with jagged edges from a girl’s point of view”

guards of metropolis

I love this band! Melodic, Intense… SURPRISING….

Two women from Norway.. two men from California, who evidently first got together in an abandoned chocolate factory on the outskirts of Norway! (sweet! as my brother-in-law Martin would say…)

You can here their single “Whatever it is” on this week’s episode, “Are You Good Enough?” (and audio supplement) and you can support these indie artists by buying their fabulous 4 song EP on itunes!


Avalove and Flux productions… artists of the week! April 20, 2007

(and how they surprised me)
good enough mp3
I saw Ryan’s work in Soho months ago and vowed to go back for one of his gorgeous t’s…. I found Ava’s stunning tops on etsy… has half of them favorited.. and then one day… I’m in Soho with my sister…. not sure who I was going to shoot for our artist of the week for ? of the week… I see Ryan.. pull my sister over to see his his work.. and there is Ava’s work sitting right next to his… (more…)


Listen to your Kids!!!!! no really… Listen!!!!! April 19, 2007

The horrors of the past two days bring me back to 2 posts previous… Julien Smith’s Listen to your Kids

Children tell us everything we need to know about them…. and they understand everything

In the last episode a young girl calls in and does a minute and a half of adolescent, immature “I feel so free when I am traveling -I feel so stifled when I am home with you mom and dad. I can reinvent myself when I am away from home and anything is possible” followed by the requisite “I detest money, I don’t believe in money, I want to live a life where money doesn’t matter” song and dance….

BUT THEN…. she reveals herself… deeply,honestly, profoundly… LISTEN….

This young woman goes on to say that she is sick of living in a house where everyone pretends that her parents have a happy marriage.

She knows that her parents “happy” marriage is a sham. She is sick of living a lie.

And here is where she breaks my heart, here is where I think she is authentically expressing her self…. Children are desperate to feel safe, and loved and taken care of. No one feels safe when they are surrounded by lies… worst of all a lie everyone is pretending doesn’t exist. It is the perennial elephant in the living room… it makes a child feel crazy, insecure, like the world can not be trusted…. that they are unsafe, and possibly wrong for feeling the way that they do. (more…)


Are you good enough? April 17, 2007

Well… are you?
Sometimes life’s simplest questions have the most difficult answers… Are you good enough? We want to know… http://www.ifnotnow.net
and check out our special audio edition of Are you Good Enough

click the picture to watch the vodcast!!! (more…)


From the Mouths of babes….Julien Smith Gives children a Voice April 13, 2007

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Its all about the children really….probably a not so veiled attempt to resolve some of my own childhood pains… never the less…

This past weekend (see previous entry) I had the great joy to meet Julien Smith… whose podcast Listen to your Kids “connects kids that want to share with parents that want to listen.”

Julien hosts a phone line… kids call in and anonymously record their thoughts, and then Julien posts them to an rss feed so that parents can listen to the things their children are afraid to (and yet desperate to) tell them…

The kids cover all sorts of issues, but one moved me especially…

If I could tell my parents anything, I think I would tell them to lighten up, you know… you might have the greatest kid in the world and not trust them at all, and then, so, you squeeze em and squeeze em and squeeze em and don’t let em do anything even though he’s probably the best kid you know and while other kids whose parents trust them completely are going out and doing whatever…

I don’t think this child is really asking his parents to “lighten up” I think he is screaming..



Julien has given this child a voice. What an amazing amazing thing. Thank you Julien!


Recovering from Podcamp NYC April 9, 2007

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I had the amazing honor to be one of the organizers of the behemoth this weekend that was Podcamp NYC…. I spent all day yesterday recovering from the podcamp whirlwind and have thoughts and feelings galore…. and will get to them as soon as I cross some of the tasks off my list from those projects that pay my bills that I have sadly neglected for the past week..

but I do want to say this… what an incredible gift to have worked with such an amazing group of people, I am a little bit in love with each member of the podcamp nyc team…with their wisdom, their kindness, their incredible grace in the face of a lot of unnecessary dramas, their unique visions that they pursue with such courage and tenacity, and their plain old wonderfulness… I miss you guys already and I so look forward to more more more!!!!!!!!!!

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