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How can NYC support digital media? May 31, 2007

Shout out to all you digital media afficionados there!!

I have the amazing honor to be included in a summit this upcoming monday at Gracie Mansion organized by the NY Office of Film, Television and Broadcasting … the purpose? To discuss the needs of the digital media community, to share ideas for how NYC can support this incredible community that I am so passionate about, and to identify ways to grow New York City’s market share of this business.

I am a committed member of the entertainment community, and an equally passionate about this gorgeous, diverse city that is my home… I am thrilled that NYC is so committed to growing the digital media business in NYC and thrilled to know that I won’t ever have to move to that other coast…

So help!!! I need your ideas…

As a member of the digital media community, what is your wish list????

How could NYC (or any city you live in) best support your work?
What initiatives would have the most value to you?
What would make you want to open your digital media company in NYC?


3 Responses to “How can NYC support digital media?”

  1. Clarence Says:

    I can’t speak to much on NYC, but, up here in Boston I think that having a solid collaboration venue would be crucial. Ideally this spot would host semi-regular gatherings focusing on some aspect of new media..presentations, meet-n-greet, etc. More than just ‘talks’, but, true interactive presentations that can be featured online after the fact (ask Steve Garfield about his video project he did where several cats got involved and they all produced something that was featured later). Hope that helps some. Be easy 🙂

  2. ldpodcast Says:

    There’s a big blog conference here in Philly in July- Blog Philadelphia- You should register and come down! Unconference mania!

  3. kveljones Says:

    philly in July!!!!!!!!!what a fantastic idea!!!!!!

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