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Live TV! Overcoming My biggest Fear! June 16, 2007

Well not the live part… that feels like second nature…

In a post some weeks ago I wrote about the hardest thing I’ve had to overcome and that thing of course was my fear… lotsa varieties that manifest themselves in oh… quitting, failure, overeating, procrastinating… you know… but they all boil down to one thing… fear that who I am is not enough.

Well.. here I go… tellin the world that I who I am is enough.. that I am passionate and powerful and I believe in me….

(I know…that sounds so dopey and self-helpey… but its true..if you have a better way to say it please submit!!!! I would be ever grateful!

A fantastic DP just signed on…we will be shooting virals in a few weeks…..Everything is falling into place…. Here I go!!!


passion and self-empowerment February 8, 2007

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I have been waiting to begin this blog until I understood CSS and could make my blog look like my website, I am a total html newbie (notice no links in sidebar etc etc)….. but I was so moved and inspired by the Frontline story The Hole in the Wall that I just found on Scobleizer that I have to write.

Go read this amazing story about how access to computers has brought a new sense of self empowerment to children in an Indian slum and is altering what once seemed like a hopeless future. While my life and experiences are light years away from these gorgeous children’s (I am a white thirty something woman who grew up in a middle class family on the east coast of the USA) I too have found that computers have changed my life, my sense of self.. my sense of what is possible and no… I am not kidding… are slowly making all my dreams come true.

I am the least likely candidate to be so moved and passionate about the power of the internet….a female who grew up in the 80’s, I am an actor and writer.. I was always drawn to the arts… I was never good at math, didn’t even touch a computer until my senior year of college (yes I went to college with a typewriter), literally can not draw a decent stick figure and who never in a trillion year would have imagined myself a “techie”… and then I got a mac.

I have been in love with this company and my computer for over ten years now and thanks to all the possibilities my mac and its software have created for me, I have slowly but surely gone from being an actress who waited for other people to make my dreams come true, to a producer with a paritially funded feature film that I will also be acting in, and a video podcast that is getting attention all over the net (thank you imovie!). I produce podcasts for other businesses as well and I have taught myself graphic design (thank you photoshop and indesign) and have a small graphics business and use those skills daily in my producing….I am currently teaching myself html and css as well- and am blown away by how with time, discipline, passion and determination, computers and the internet are indeed “That with which you can do anything” as noted by one little boy in India.

What all this adds up to….. simple self-empowerment.. simple I say..and yet I believe the most crucial aspect of a happy fullfilled life. It is my goal to one day be the “oprah” of self-empowerment”, and I have a website and video podcast dedicated to that goal….but my guru has in fact been the computer. And hey… if this 30 something, previously computer illeterate artsy chick can do it…. everyone can!