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My New Blog January 24, 2010

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Thanks so much for stopping by!

I am now blogging at kathrynjones.tv.

I hope you’ll visit me there…


Real Women Respond To Palin LIVE October 30, 2008

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A nation built on Fear and Lies is a nation that has sadly lost its way. September 5, 2008

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Fear and Hate breed blatant untruths and spin.  How do they contradict themselves so irrefutably and unabashedly  with out so much as a grimace of shame?


thank you John Stewart and The Daily Show.


The Crabbo and Jabbo Show- LIVE April 17, 2008

It has been so long since I’ve posted to this blog…the sidebar widgets are sadly out of date, and my life has moved on in ways I would never have imagined since “Queston of the Week” first gave me wings.

I’ve thought about leaving this blog behind…and I might just do that… or perhaps I will bend it to more powerfully reflect where I am now in my life…

I have a project in development that is the light of my creative heart, but I also have a new project with my husband, that focus on many of the things this blog focuses on…. namely… how to create the life of our dreams and to tell the world that who we are is perfect.

Its been 8 months since “35” premiered. The first web drama to stream live on the web, “35” was a labor of will, of love, of pain, of tenacity and in retrospect… of celebration. In the past two years the web 2.0 community has unleashed a torrent of tools and sites that now make it possible for artists of all sorts to Green Light their own creative projects. To produce work on a scale which only months ago would have been deemed impossible, and to reach a global audience with our music, our sculpture, our crafts, our videos. We no longer have to wait for casting directors, for investors, for galleries or film festivals to deem us worthy… we can stand behind our own work, tell the world that we are passionate about what we do, we believe in ourselves and that is more than enough!

“35” was designed to be a presented in two seasons, and we hope to bring you season 2 ASAP. We also have another webisode in development… but in the mean time…

The Jabbo and Crabbo Show- Live and Interactive The artists (and otherwise cool person’s) guide to creativity and technology on the web.

It is Guiesseppe and my hope to build a community of artists who support one another in living the lives we dreamed of and bringing our work to the Internet. We will offer everything we have learned this past year and will offer up tips each week that will make it easier for every artist to publish their work, to collaborate with other creatives, to market their art and (hopefully) live a more fulfilling life.

We hope you will join us on Mondays at 9:15 at . If you would like to receive an email reminder right before we go live each monday, contact us and we would be more more more than happy to oblige!

We also want this show to by YOUR show… so let us know what you want to learn about, and what topics you want to discuss. Join the Community!


What’s the hardest thing you’ve had to overcome? May 21, 2007

Shall you? Did you? Can you? A question submitted by our user Saneeta, What’s the hardest thing you’ve had to overcome???

ok… so this is kind of a heavy one…but the question was submitted by an ifnotnow.net user… which is fantastic… and once I got over the fact that this show is a little heavier than most I grew to love it!!!!

and hey…we have an awesome single of the week, and a simply extradorinary artist of the week.. and a happy ending!!! check it out!!!!

click on the pic to watch on veoh, or on the icon in the sidebar to watch on itunes or watch it autplay at www.ifnotnow.net


My Academy Award Speech March 5, 2007

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To answer my own question (see previous post), uchhch… I cringe to say it… its such a damn cliche… and I know! there are so many awards with so much more import…

I dream of winning an Academy Award.

But where once any old Academy Award would do…. now my dream is far more specific, and far more meaningful to me. I want to win an Academy Award for the film I wrote… for the film that is both my passion and my purpose, my biggest challenge, and the reason my life has taken me down such a bumpy and ohh so painful sometimes journey….

My Academy Award speech…

There I stand on that huge stage, trembling with excitement, with joy….with utter relief… I take in the people, the lights the music… I search out my husband…there he is.. I mouth “I love you” (he is crying too, knowing him)… (more…)


Podcasters! Bum Rush the Charts! February 21, 2007

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There are so many reasons I am so very passionate about podcasting, but perhaps the most powerful reason is that after years of waiting for other people to make my dreams happen for me, technology has given me the tools to create my dreams for myself. I believe in the power that the democratizing effect of podcasting can have on entertainment and communication in this country…and yes… we… as podcasters and podcast listeners have a voice… and a far reaching one at that! Lets show the traditional marketing world that we have purchasing power! We have a powerful voice!

I first read about this brilliant plan to game the system, support an independent musician, and contribute to education all at the same time, on the always inspiring and always surprising Chris Brogan’s blog… you can find all the details here.

I hope you will join me in bum rushing iTunes on March 22nd 2007, by buying one specific track….”mine again” by Black Lab… and help a needy college student pay for college all for just ninety-nine cents… what could be better? How do you do it? Just head to Chris Penn’s Financial Aid Podcast on march 22nd!


Where are the women on the internet? February 18, 2007

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My blog started because of my video podcast, which started because of my website, which started because of my film, which started because I felt moved to create entertainment that I feel is profoundly lacking in hollywood (the amazing “Little Miss Sunshine” being a rare and wonderful exception).

I will get to my film (partially funded low budget digital feature) another time… but early on in the process I was enamored with the possibilities that the internet created for those of us who want to break the mold – to make a film based on our own passion and creativity, rather than Hollywood’s star based high budget, often empty creative system- a film that was smart and daring and inspiring and moving- and to market it through the unending opportunity of the internet… a film that….through the power of the internet… would make money for investors and be the seed for a production company whose mission would be to create uplifting entertainment that informs and inspires the human spirit while remaining intellectually, creatively and emotionally challenging.

My goal… to create an audience around the ideas of the film before we even shot a frame. A user generated social website, www.ifnotnow.net, was created… …. purpose…. to help people uncover some of the perhaps self-conscious thoughts they may hold onto that might in fact keep them from having the very things they say they want most out of their lives. Our method… a thought provoking question of the week that users could answer on their own personal page and which other users could read and respond to.

And then… why not a video podcast highlighting the same question of the week? Wow! What the hell was I thinking… I joke, because I am so proud of my vodcast however… the work! Didn’t even know how to run a camera when we started and had never edited a frame in my life. Now a good three days of my week- sometimes more- are dedicated to shooting, editing and posting….

And the response has been great… we have been featured on major sites, we have had hundreds of thousands of views… and i really think I am adding something positive to society….

My question… so where are all the women? I mean I have found many but not on a regular basis… and when you hit the major video sites so many of the popular and featured videos are geared towards men, most specifically young men…Now of course… this makes sense… and yet I know there must be people out there who are looking for a different kind of entertainment. Videos that motivate and ignite and inspire while still being sophisticated and at least a little edgy….. That is what my partner Nick and I are trying to create. That’s what I want to see – i mean hey… not all the time… give me some cats and some tech and some comedy too…… but how do I find these folks? Any ideas? I would be so grateful for the input!!!!