If not now… when?

Because we were born to realize our dreams…

Where am I? August 23, 2007

I am over here! making my dreams come true!!!!


Live TV! Overcoming My biggest Fear! June 16, 2007

Well not the live part… that feels like second nature…

In a post some weeks ago I wrote about the hardest thing I’ve had to overcome and that thing of course was my fear… lotsa varieties that manifest themselves in oh… quitting, failure, overeating, procrastinating… you know… but they all boil down to one thing… fear that who I am is not enough.

Well.. here I go… tellin the world that I who I am is enough.. that I am passionate and powerful and I believe in me….

(I know…that sounds so dopey and self-helpey… but its true..if you have a better way to say it please submit!!!! I would be ever grateful!

A fantastic DP just signed on…we will be shooting virals in a few weeks…..Everything is falling into place…. Here I go!!!


indie musicians of the week.. Halou May 25, 2007

Haunting… melodic… electronic…moving

We chose Stonefruit from Halou’snew album “Wholeness and Separation” for this week’s single of the week… but we could just as easily have chosen the irresistlbe “Everything is OK” or the portishead reminiscent “Honeythief”… the vocals are magnetic, the music unforgetable…

After 10 years of producing, both for themselves and other artists… the grass roots power of the internet is finally bringing Halou the attention they deserve…Check out Halou’s new album, Wholeness and Separation….

Wholeness & Separation

from “Wholeness & Separation”
by Halou


Yucko – the ying and yang of Rachel Ray and YouTube April 2, 2007

ying yang

I found a post on one of my favorite blogs, 100 blogging babes, that I can’t get out of my mind… despite having commented on the blogging babes site. This particular post was by the delicious French Kitchen in America, in which the writer wonders why it is that Rachel Ray gets such a bad wrap….

Yes, the EVOO and the eyeballing and the “yumo” stuff are a bit much. So? You don’t have traits that annoy people? (I know I do!)

But really, is what she’s doing really so bad? I mean, not everyone can afford to buy top quality, organic items. Rachael Ray seems to be showing people how they can eat fairly decent food without spending a lot of time or money.

but to that I reply….

I don’t think the Rachel Ray backlash is so much about her food…….I think lots of people can appreciate an easy to cook meal that doesn’t break the bank…

I think its the cuteseyness…. and why? Cuz I think it sends a message that deep down Rachel Ray doesn’t think who she is is enough, (more…)