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Supporting lotsa artists February 25, 2007

One of my great passions is helping to create opportunities for other artists whose work may not be getting the exposure it should… in fact that is much of the impetus for my film (which may explain why it is still only partially funded… but that’s another story).

One of the unexpected gifts of creating my videoblog is the discovery or all the amazing musicians whose work serves as the background to “Question of the Week”…thank you ioda promonet! Every week I will feature the weeks’ independent musician on my blog with a link to their work on iTunes. I hope it brings these amazing and motivated artists at least a modicum more exposure.

I also recently discovered etsy.com. Ok.. I’m corny.. but I was totally moved by this site!!!! Not only is it fun, fun, fun to shop there… but thousands of artists who want to make a living creating their art have now been given a forum in which to do just that! I want to support these self-motivated inspiring people… so anytime I buy something from Etsy I will wear it on my vodcast and blog about it here.… so look for those posts too!


One Response to “Supporting lotsa artists”

  1. Debra Says:

    Found your blog through it’s BlogHer link, and I think it will be one that I follow. LIke you, I enjoy occasionally pointing out artists with a web presence; or great exhibits with or without a web presence.

    Will be keeping an eye on your east coasters!!

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