If not now… when?

Because we were born to realize our dreams…

Why my website? February 27, 2007

The inspiration for ifnotnow.netis long and convoluted… but nutshell version…

For me, My Space was more about image than it was about the people whose profiles those images represented.

I am too old for all of that…. I want big things out of my life…. I want to know real people with real feelings…. and I am in love with the internet… with the possibilities it creates… with the world it opens up.

My fellow creators and I thought.. why not build a user generated website that supports people in being their best selves, rather than their best seen selves. Why not create a community of people who live by the code “A life unexamined is not worth living”… why not create a forum that might inspire them to think a little more deeply… and to interact with other people who are also in search of a richer, fuller life?

That does not mean that everyone on the site is brave or honest… nor are they on my vodcast…….for me that’s part of the experience… who do you believe? And most importantly… why? For me, that’s half the lesson.


5 Responses to “Why my website?”

  1. What a great concept! I, like you, can’t get into My Space or other similar social networks. But this is totally up my alley. Because isn’t being the best that you can be what life is all about?

  2. Anita Zazula Says:

    I tried the whole myspace thing too.
    This is cool and funny.
    Cha, cha , cha

  3. Jenny Ward Says:

    great great site- thank you

    you rock!!

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